My name is Amy Storer, and I am an Instructional Coach in Montgomery, Texas. I am very excited about this new role, and cannot wait to empower teachers on our 5th grade campus here in Montgomery, ISD. 

I recently graduated from Lamar University with a masters in Educational Technology Leadership.  I have taught grades 1-4, with experience in PBL and GT.  I will continue my role as an Technology Integration Mentor for my Instructional Coaching Team this year as well.  I hold 2 Teacher of the Year distinctions and, in 2015, I was a top 5 finalist in HEB's Excellence in Education in the "Leadership Elementary" category.  I am an educator that encourages and motivates others to reach far beyond the classroom walls to make the learning more meaningful and inspiring.  I have a true passion for working with other educators and encouraging them to make and foster global connections.

Mrs. Storer's Top Ten

  1. I am an identical twin.  My twin sister's name is Dyann!
  2. My hometown is Fannett, Texas.  I grew up in a community named Green Acres.
  3. As if you couldn't already tell, I LOVE CONVERSE SNEAKERS!
  4. I am married to my high school sweetheart!
  5. I am one of the organizers for Edcamp Global and Global Makerspaces.
  6. I love sour candy and dark chocolate.
  7. My favorite childhood authors are Francine Pascal and R.L. Stine.
  8. I am a technology integration mentor for my campus and district.  We are referred to as TIMs.
  9. I recently passed my principal's certification test!!
  10. I love being an educator!

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