Friday, September 11, 2015

New Year...New Blog!

I am so excited about blogging again this year.  Last year, I decided to start a blog titled "Surfing into PBL" using a blogging platform called Weebly.  This blog highlighted my first year as a PBL (Project-Based Learning) teacher.  It was a wonderful experience being able to reflect on those projects, as well as to share them with my parents and the community.  This year, I decided that I wanted to blog about all of the wonderful things that are happening in my classroom.  I reached out to Kayla Delzer, and she put in me in touch with Christi!  I am so in love with my blog design.  If you are looking for someone to create a wonderful blog design, check out her website.  You will not be disappointed!  Why "Converse in the Classroom"?  I am a teacher who loves her converse sneakers! If I could wear them every day, I would!!  My goal for this blog is to inspire and motivate my fellow lead learners by sharing my kids and my classroom.  

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