Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Students Teaching Students

About 180 followers ago, we met Dr. Julie P. Jones.  She was our 200th follower on Twitter, and we decided to thank her!  Within no time at all, she responded! Not only did she respond, but she included a challenge that soon turned into another challenge!  

The students loved this, and enjoyed submitting their answers to her on Twitter!

It is amazing what happens when we tear down the four walls of our classroom. Last week, my homeroom students were able to join a Twitter chat with Dr. Jones and her students at Converse College in South Carolina.  One of my friends, Victoria, shared how we handle our classroom jobs.

Dr. Jones and I continued to stay connected on Twitter and Facebook, and just this week, she asked if my kids would visit with her kids...students at Converse College in South Carolina!  These students are teachers in training, and we were asked to share about our classroom management.  My students shared a few things with her students.  We talked about classroom rules, "You Matter", and "Love First, Teach Second".  It was a great experience!!  My students loved interacting with her students!!


  1. Oh, I love love love this! Your students are amazing. Their teacher is amazing. What an inspiration to educators everywhere that you breakdown the traditional classroom concept and seek more for your students. Rock on!

  2. I love that my worlds have collided! My real life and my Twitter life have melded into something beautiful and wonderful. Yay for globally connected classrooms!