Friday, October 9, 2015

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!!

Today was a half day for students and staff, and we decided to begin our unit about Changes in Matter with a fun and yummy science experiment...homemade ice cream!  We (my team) found a file with these instructions, and I wish I could credit someone with it!  Please let me know if you are responsible for this fun experiment.  I recreated the file using PrintShop, and added detailed instructions for the lab groups to follow.  You can grab it for FREE in my TpT store! My student teacher, who is fabulous, took charge with this lesson, and she did great!  I had a moment where I must have looked like I was panicking, because my room was a mess!  Don't let that stop you, though!  The kids loved it, and totally approved!  I would suggest taking it outside, and I would also suggest using tubs for the students to shake it in.  Ms. Cooley and I quickly located a variety of tubs in my room for the students to use.  The second go around went a bit more smoothly!  Check out the images and video below.  As Kayla Delzer says, if it's good for the students it is good for me!  It was most definitely good for my kids!!  I know that I promised in a recent post to talk about post is coming soon!   #happyclassrooms 

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