Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stinky Feet Review

Tomorrow is our next District Unit Assessment, and to prepare for that, we played the "Stinky Feet Review" game!!  This assessment will cover addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.  I strive to create review games for students that engage them throughout!  This game does this and so much more!  Not only did we practice these skills, we also worked with integers, a skill that is not introduced until 5th or 6th grade here in Texas!  I found this activity on Pinterest, and I then created it in a SMART Board file.  

The students worked on various word problems as teams, and if they answered the question correctly, they got to press "select" on the Stinky Feet Review Game.  Once you click select, the system randomly chooses a number.  Each table has a scorekeeper that keeps track of the score.  We began by helping the students with understanding integers, but by the end they were pros!  The team with highest score at the end were the overall winners!  You call also say that the largest (or would you call it the smallest) negative number wins, too! Want the file? Click here!