Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Date With The Weatherman!

Last year, I reached out to various local meteorologists to see if they would Skype with my kids about weather maps.  I was surprised that none of them contacted me back!  But I didn't give up!  While searching for a weather map video on YouTube, I came across a video by Ryan Davidson of The Weather Channel.  It explained weather maps in such a kid friendly way!  

So I took a chance....

I decided to search for him on Twitter, and I found his profile!  I sent him a message, and asked if he would be interested in visiting with my kids about weather maps.  Within 12 hours, he responded, and said he would love to!

We were so excited!  My kids loved it, and I knew I would reach out to him again for the following school year!  Fast forward to this school year, and we just completed our visit with him this past Friday.  We even invited some friends from another school district to jump in on the call (Google Hangout).  He is now on camera for The Weather Channel with Weather Underground.  We were able to tour the set, meet a co-worker, and ask him numerous questions about weather and his profession!  It was such a cool experience, and I am so thankful to have his support in my classroom!  I like to refer to him as our class weatherman!  

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