Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Students Teaching Students Part 2!

In this edition of "Students Teaching Students", my class connected with a third grade class in Enterprise, Alabama!  We had previously met them during Edcamp Global.  Since meeting, we have stayed in contact on Twitter.  She reached out to me about our classes reconnecting to talk about fractions.  My students were experts in regards to equivalent fractions, and her students were just starting on this topic!  My students were going to work with her kids on equivalent fractions!  So exciting!  We set up a small white board with large magnetic fraction strips, and my kids guided them through a variety of problems.  We also introduced them to a strategy that we use called "The Big One"! Please view the video below to learn more about "The Big One"!  

It was one of those experiences that I know my kids, as well as myself, will not forget.  Her students did wonderful!! It gave them ownership of that knowledge, and they were able to deliver that message through a Google Hangout.  And sharing that knowledge didn't require a worksheet!!

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